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ENGLISH WINE The historic perception that Western Europe holds a monopoly on fine wine making was shattered many decades ago.  A glance at any wine seller’s shelves lays testament to the magnitude of the shift of oenological geography.  California, Australia, New Zealand and South America all arrived at the party as newcomers and now feature as regulars. Until recently, the UK has never been invited.

Over the last decade, the growth in production of English sparkling wines has been exponential with English still wine, while not yet hard on their heels, without doubt beginning to make their mark. With sales of English wine rising faster than production levels, the English wine revolution is happening. English Wine is not only invited to the party to small talk with the best in the world but is now standing out in its own right as the quality increases and the style is recognised as ‘English’.

THE EXCEPTIONAL ENGLISH WINE COWest Sussex is right at the heart of this revolution and so it is for this reason that The Exceptional English Wine Company has chosen to make its base in Midhurst, a town surrounded by up and coming vineyards and exciting wine makers.  In addition to this website which will be dedicated to English Wines, we have our Exceptional English Wine Shop and Tasting Bar. Our aim is to widen the availability of English Wines in the market and so increase the knowledge of the UK wine buying public.  We intend our shop in West Sussex to be the destination venue where our customers can try a range of English wines and understand what English wine is all about.

ENGLISH WINE TASTINGWe will have available  examples of the terroir  from the vineyards where the grapes are grown together with short films of the vineyards so each customer knows not only what the wine he has chosen tastes like but why. Those that buy local wines will also have easy access to the vineyards themselves.  Both novice and experienced customers can compare and contrast English wines in one location at their own pace and ask as many questions as they wish so not only are they confident with their purchase but also, because of the comprehensive tasting experience we are offering, are able to discuss the reason for their choice knowledgeably and passionately with the wider audience.

The Exceptional English Wine Shop is open 6 days a week, Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 6pm (Sundays 4pm). We are opposite the Cowdray Farm Shop so after you have done your shopping pop in and taste some delicious English wine. 


The Exceptional English Wine Company